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About Us

Cool & Cool a leading international FMCG brand, is known for its exceptional reputation followed by delivering trustworthy and reliable premium quality products. Established in 2004 and marketed by ABC International Ltd., UAE, Cool & Cool offers a diverse selection of high-quality products, which are spread amongst different categories such as Mother & Baby Care, Skin Care, Personal Care, Convenient Wipes, Paper and Detergents. With a market presence in over 25 countries across the globe, Cool & Cool has always stayed put to its commitment towards implementing innovative product development and impeccable customer service.


To be recognized as a leading manufacturing company synonymous with trust, highest standards of service, quality products in compliance with best international practices.


To work on the philosophy of high level commitment, manufacturing high quality products and providing services at competitive prices giving the best value to our customers by embracing the forefront of modern trends.

CEO Message

OUR GOAL IS TO BECOME A PIONEER IN TERMS OF QUALITY AND SERVICE. Across different business of ABC International, one thing common is our simple philosophy- to innovate efficiently and flexibly in order to supply evolving products to ever-changing markets. Partnering with ABC International Limited helps you to attain these goals effectively. We analyze the needs of our customers carefully to determine the right product for their requirements.in the highly competitive market the product is likely to be put on the shop shelf with many other similar competing items. As a result it is necessary to identify and differentiate the product as unique according to its brand image. Therefore our aim is not only to provide the right product which should replicate the brand image but to produce quality product which enables brand to create strong and detailed reference. On the larger note we only provide a right product but a future ready solution in which your perceived market challenges are met and transcended. Our goal is to become a pioneer in terms of quality and service.


ABC International Ltd. made its start in the United Kingdom in 1992. It’s a core part of renowned ABC Group of companies based in the United Arab Emirates, who have continued to produce and expand into widely diversifying product segments while constructing and maintaining newer companies within the group successfully over the past several years. Furthermore, it’s one of the largest manufacturers of Paper and Hygiene family products in the Gulf region. ABC International Ltd. is located in Jebel Ali Free Zone and one of its business unit by the name of ABC Industries LLC is located in Ras Al Khaimah. In addition, different divisions were created as a result of exponential growth such as Manufacturing, Packaging and Printing and all were led and managed by a team of highly trained professionals who brought their technical expertise to aid in the company’s success with the help of technology and unparalleled production facilities. ABC International has acquired trust and support of its clients by offering a cost-effective process with efficient product solutions that led to the company’s growth. The company’s commitment towards its customers can be easily assessed by customers who have become and continuously grow to become part of the company’s family. With that, ABC International has managed to create its mark in the industry on a global level.

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